Hunting for Christmas Festivals

Merry Christmas guys!! Celebrating the Christmas season away from home has been a strange experience. Koreans do celebrate Christmas, but because it’s mostly just seen as a second Valentine’s Day (i.e. a couples’ holiday) there isn’t the level of Christmas cheer that there is back home. Decorations are few and far between, the Christmas soundtrack seems to be limited to Mariah Carey’s, All I Want For Christmas Is You, and whether we look high or low there’s nary an egg nog to be found.

Hence, in an effort to find our Christmas Spirit and to eliminate the Christmas blues, we’ve taken to the streets of Seoul in search of Christmas markets & festivals!

Surprisingly, there isn’t a lot of information online about Christmas events in Seoul, and so when we set out to find these festivals we weren’t 100% sure that they would even be there. Happy enough, they were! And so that you can visit these festive Christmas events yourself, here are our verified directions 😀

Strasbourg Christmas Market

This cute little French-themed market is the first one featured in our video. It takes place on Yeouido Island, right beside the Han River.

Directions: To get here, ride line 5 (the purple line) and get off at Yeouinaru Station. Take exit 2. As soon as you come up to the street, turn right. Take the wide path towards the river and you will find the Christmas market spread out before you! Yay!

Hours: This market will be running until December 31st and is open from 5pm – 10pm on weekdays, and from 3pm – 9pm on the weekends.

Website: (Korean only)

The Seoul Christmas Festival

This fun lights festival is the second festival featured in our video and starts at Cheonggye Plaza and then follows Cheonggyecheon Stream for quite a ways.

Directions: There are two options to get here. 1) Ride line 2 (the green line) to City Hall Station. Take exit 4. Walk straight (north) for two city blocks. Stop when you reach the glowing Christmas tree and festive music! 2) Ride line 5 (the purple line) to Gwanghwamun Station. Take exit 5. The festival will be a 30 second walk south of you.

Hours: This festival will be running until January 2nd and is open all day! But remember, since it’s a lights festival, plan your visit for the evening 😉

Website: (This one is in English!!)


If there is any information we missed about these festivals, please fill in the blanks in the comment section! And if you have any suggestions for other Christmas events we should attend, tell us in the comments as well!

Merry Christmas to all! <3 <3

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